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Site Development Leadership and Expanding Solutions

Professional Builders Inc.  – PBI – takes every measure to maximize all potential useable land area. Our goal before start construction is to mitigate all possible environmental issues. We are committed to deliver a balanced and safe site for your building project. We take into consideration all your project objectives and take responsibility for a high call for leadership, modernization and wisdom. PBI’s background and commitment for our clients assure that we will meet your project goals.

Whether your project is a new construction or a remodel, we know that site development is the groundwork upon which all construction building projects are built on. Thus, it is crucial that a team who can assess existing site conditions and apply unique structure strategies complete this startup phase.

Experience and Performance Allows Us to Hit the Ground Running

With more than 20 years of combined experience, our competent professionals have encountered and overcome a surprising diversity of site conditions. Our team has accumulated a wealth of experience through consistent and committed performance that permits us to bring a superior level of planning and assessment for our clients’ site development work.

PBI starts each project with property land site planning, leveling and excavation to setup foundation pad construction. PBI Construction Services is capable to work with you from project inception to make sure that your site location complies with local rules and regulations, contributes a solid foundation for your planned construction and integrates your company’s current and future business requirements.

One Stop Complete Commercial Site Development Service

PBI Commercial Industries has a long track record of prosperous construction and development projects for private commercial owners, city and state municipal government entities, contributing with one stop turnkey site preparation building services. Contact us today to inquire our services.

List of projects we have worked on are as follows:

The California State Capitol building and grounds in Sacramento, the Mark Hopkins hotel site in San Francisco, and the site of what is now the Crocker Art Museum are just a few milestone examples of the site work that Teichert has performed throughout the decades. Today, we are proud to have played an important role in building thousands of schools, hospitals, shopping centers, religious facilities, office buildings, and civic amenities in the communities where our employees live and work.

We value our relationships with our clients and we make sure we understand their project requirements, so all stakeholders are on the same page before we start work on site development and all the logistics associated with it. We take nothing for granted as we start working on the project from inception through finish. We listen carefully to our clients’ goals and conceptual ideas making sure their design team meets the client’s project scope as stated in the plan set. It is our commitment to help them revamp their vision into a workable reality as we further move ahead and apply our expertise to problem solving and value constructing methodologies.

PBI Commercial Industries Services

  • Land clearing and uprooting with appropriate erosion control blankets
  • Excavated materials exploding, onsite processing and leveling
  • Excavation, backfilling and compacting for foundations
  • Reinforced iron bars forming and concrete pouring for column foundations
  • Land leveling for access roadways and alignment, asphalt, pavement and parking areas
  • Site drainage preparation, installing and testing
  • Septic Systems Installation and connections
  • Utilities installation or relocation, including: water mains, sewage, electrical, cable, internet
  • Retaining walls construction, grading, topsoil compacting, placement and seeding
  • Fence and landscape installation

PBI Capabilities

  • Experienced with park development, curb sidewalks, gutter and street paving, sport fields and additional recreational facilities
  • Knowledgeable preparing sites for public and private educational institutions and large commercial properties, including strip malls and department store retailers
  • Perform all work in conformity with permit rules and regulations as well as environmental policies

PBI has constructed numerous complexes, buildings, establishments, structures and venues based on the support PBI’s site development services has provided. We have built entire communities with our roadbuilding proficiency finishing the construction package and equipping the project with access roads and parking lot areas specifically marked.

PBI has the personnel, equipment, and machinery necessary for any endeavor in site development whether it’s moving massive amounts of dirt and grading large land tracts for commercial building investments, land subdivisions or devising the flawless land surface for new venues and entertainment centers to guarantee our clients with top-quality outcomes performed within the time specified in the contract and within the budget guidelines.

To make sure your next project meets all its goals, contact PBI Construction.

Allow PBI Experts Construction’s Team Work On Your Next Project

We’ve been supporting high-quality site development work for our valued commercial and municipal clients for decades, and there hasn’t been much difficulties we have come up in contrast that we can’t handle.

PBI’s project manager experts have been through many situations like construction delays, tight schedules, well-intentional mistakes due to new improvements, incorrect custom orders, high production standards, working off of an old set of blueprints, unexpected job site conditions, unforeseen soil conditions like bad topsoil, termite current damage or dry rot, client scope change overs due to lack of vision and many other situations.


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