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Trusted in Every Construction Detail

To guarantee the best outcome for your construction project, you need specialists who know exactly what they’re doing every step through the process. Our business experts as construction management consultant professionals offer an efficient leadership, sharp and quick attention to detail, and a value-added partnership you can trust throughout the life cycle of your project.

Professional Builders Inc. provides all-inclusive building construction management consulting services. Our construction consultant experts possess the technical and general construction experience to provide world-class, cost-effective construction solutions for the daily challenges business owners, realtors, contractors, property managers, engineers, property representatives, and architects face throughout the construction process. We assist our clients in coordinating and facilitating the building process to diminish complex problems from the initial project scope concept to the final permits approval and occupation.

Professional Builders Inc. broadens business construction management teams based on each client’s distinct needs and project requirements. We accomplish great results by granting effective project leadership in the following service areas:

Construction Management Consulting Services

  • Contract Scope Review and Bargaining
  • Scope Creep Change Order Evaluation
  • Construction As-Built Reviews
  • Staff Increase
  • Bidding Phase Monitoring
  • Project Cost Estimating & Assessment
  • Construction Critical Path Method Scheduling
  • Project Output Analysis
  • Earned Value Project Management
  • Project Dispute & Resolution Strategies
  • Project Controls Strategies
  • Administrative Quality Assurance and Inspection
  • Construction Management Project Training

Scope Creep Change Order Analysis

Professional Builders Inc. scrutinize owner’s requests and proposed contract change orders. Each scope creep change order is analyzed on an individual basis for consideration either to be validated or issue a price revision over the original contract scope. We are always looking after our clients throughout the project’s entire duration.

Staff Increase

Professional Builders Inc. – PBI – provides cost-effective staff addition services to diminish client’s costs while equipping them with the expertise their projects require. Whether you seek value-added management consultants to increase your current project or you need an entire team, PBI can come to your rescue throughout your project’s continuation.

PBI’s management consultants can enlarge your construction personnel in the following competencies:

  • Project Construction Real Time Estimating
  • Critical Path Method Scheduling
  • Construction Management
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Productivity Evaluations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Claims Effects Analysis
  • Financial Evaluations

Building Construction Cost Estimating Services

Professional Builders Inc. – PBI – Management Consulting Division specializes in commercial construction cost estimating. As a particular service or as comprehensive construction management, PBI’s construction management and cost estimators furnish our clients with specific detailed quantifiable takeoffs and current pricing from a construction project’s scope concept phase to final permitting process.

PBI maintains historical and current databases of local and national construction cost estimates including raw materials, machinery, equipment and labor costs. PBI is experienced in preparing cost estimates and verifying assigned construction costs during various construction stages. At the same time, PBI creates a precise assessment how the construction process evolves over the course of its construction period determining and analyzing the project’s scope, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats over a specified time period.

Construction Critical Path Method Scheduling

PBI Management Consultants specialize in equipping Critical Path Method – CPM – scheduling and project construction controls. Our consultants are experienced in creating, developing, interpreting, amending and monitoring project tasks, activities and schedules. PBI customizes our CPM scheduling services for our clients’ particular needs.

PBI implements industry standard scheduling methods to create, develop, analyze, monitor, and build reports on the project construction as it advances through the various stages such that our clients are well informed at a glance with accurate and immediate project events, risks, potential problems, and respective corrective actions.

Project Output Analysis

Project Output directly influence the amount of time and money required on your construction project to build it. Construction productivity has had a steady downward path over the last several years.

PBI can create and develop systems to evaluate and monitor your project’s productivity on a continuous basis identifying areas for enhancement. Among PBI’s construction productivity analysis services we offer include:

  • Project Output Benchmarking
  • Project Productivity Real Time Reviews
  • Project Output Monitoring, Controls and Corrective Actions
  • Material and Labor Cost Appraisal
  • Labor and Equipment Project Output Review

PBI’s management consultants are outfitted to assist you in finishing your commercial project on-time and under budget.

Project Dispute & Resolution Strategies

Construction claims are both very expensive and time consuming to resolve for your firm and our clients. PBI management consultant’s considerable knowledge with each construction project phase lifecycle allows us to contribute valuable insight prior to project kick-off and during your project construction timeline. This strategy will help you dodge issues down the road. PBI can assist you with a variety of activities that will help avoid costly disputes including:

  • Scope Contract Reviews
  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Timeline Plan Reviews
  • Authorization and Monitoring Cost and Schedules
  • Project Feasibility Reviews

PBI’s management construction claims consultants have the experience and knowledge to assist business owners, program or construction managers, specialty contractors, architects, subcontractor or superintendents prevent disputes and diminish claims.

We are ready to assist you with all your project most pressing needs. You may contact us by phone at (218) 642-7230 or through email us at and we will be glad to take on the lead on your project requirements.